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Default Re: Why NVIDIA should already have support for xorg-7.1

Originally Posted by wizdom
This isn't true at all. The driver module API which is what prevents proper function in Xorg 7.1 currently is something that should have been fixed months ago. Implementing the GLX extension necessary for AIGLX is optional, and not due until the 9xxx series, supposedly.
Yes, you're right and I was about to come back here and apologize for getting it wrong.

It will be nice to have support for xorg-7.1. This doesn't change that fact the fact that NVIDIA proposed and supported changes in xorg that result in AIGLX, and it still leaves me wondering why there such bad support for their own ideas.

Originally Posted by wizdom
We've had the "it'll be released this week" diatribe for the last month or so. However, NVIDIA employees have wisely avoided giving out exact timescales...
I'm certainly not holding my breath.
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