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thanks for the hit with "'slihud' and nvclock. I think the real problem is the calculation of the FPS rate. I belive World of Warcraft with Cedega uses SLI. Here are my reasons for this opinion:
1. he bars show it (if I use the slihud option)
2. the temperature of both GPU's is increasing when playing WoW (a very well indicator )

Here comes a short howto (nvidia linux and sli):
install a current driver from
for SMP-Systems use kernel-parameter pci=nommconf with grub/lilo
man nvidia-xconfig
nvidia-xconfig --sli=Auto --no-separate-x-screens --no-twinview
(try differnt -sli options "Auto', 'AFR', 'SFR', and 'SLIAA')
restart x-server (e.g. /etc/init.d/kdm stop && /etc/init.d/kdm start)
start nvidia-settings
activate "slihud" option in Open-GL settings
try a few 3D games or applications
Important: Post your results in this group

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