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Default Re: Nvidia has open source drivers at

Originally Posted by netllama
irondog, what you've stated is untrue. The '1.11' zip archive that is available from NVIDIA's website contains versions of foreceth and sata_nv which are newer than what is currently available from an official kernel. NVIDIA's developers contributed bug fixes as well as enhancements to the code that was posted. This isn't simply grabbing what was already in a kernel and reposting it.

Also, the source to binary drivers is included for anyone who wishes to build it on their own.

That is nice. It really looks some things are different than in kernel release. I can also understand limiting nf2 support to codec as Nvidia does not support older chips anymore . So providing codec support is elegant way of dropping APU to give at least sound output via codec.

But cutting network features of not so old 430 chip (MCP51) is rather a mistake.
If network hardware acceleration was available in binary driver so whats the problem with copy-paste of source code to open driver? I hope my 430 net acceleration is not IP protected if nf3,nf4,nf5 are not and have such feature in open driver?

Why my 430 does not has at least bare minimum:

At present the support for MCP51 network is almost on the same level as nf2 and worse than nf3.

One thing more: some people here are unhappy when some of us complains or whins. I'd like to tell that we are usually here to help Nvidia make improvements list so future customers/users (and we of course) will be more happy using Nvidia products. The more whining the more important missing feature is. Our whining keeps Nvidia Linux support superior. Other companies does not have such forum and lags behind Nvidia. It is simple if everybody is happy why improving something or fixing it?

We all here are in some way fans of Nvidia. Some of us are happy with present day, other are happy too but look also for better tomorow.

I appreciate big Nvidia efforts to improve Linux drivers and professional way in which Nvidia works on Linux drivers and keeps contact with Linux community. Nobody else on PC hardware market works in such way. That is why I buy only Nvidia hardware since year 2001. But still see room for improvement and write about it to let Nvidia what kind of 'cool feature' would like to have.
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