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Actually Andy i figured out the problem (i think..) and I'd like to discuss here so people that have similar problems can search the forums and see this post...

When i set my MTU to 1400 rather than 1500 i get almost normal internet performance. I'm not sure why but here is my setup. Nvnet -> LinkSys "network everywhere" router -> "cable" (its really a wireless internet thing..) modem.

The router defaults to 1500 mtu and maybe the problem is that with linux set to exactly the same size its causing problems??? I have no idea how the internals of networking work.

The problem that i'm experiancing is that I have to change my MTU to 1400 everytime i boot and the other problem i have is the RWIN, i cannot change it when i change the settings as suggested here it does nothing to actually change my settings!! (I set RWIN much lower than they suggested)

Does anyone have any ideas how to deal with this? I cannot even get "Path MTU Discovery" to turn on even when i set the file to 1... it turns back to 0 on reboot too!

This is so frustering =[
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