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Default Re: Nvidia has open source drivers at

Originally Posted by netllama
irondog, what you've stated is untrue. The '1.11' zip archive that is available from NVIDIA's website contains versions of foreceth and sata_nv which are newer than what is currently available from an official kernel. NVIDIA's developers contributed bug fixes as well as enhancements to the code that was posted. This isn't simply grabbing what was already in a kernel and reposting it.

Also, the source to binary drivers is included for anyone who wishes to build it on their own.

I am a little bit confused. I was searching for info about the NV 2200 chipset MAC and looked at the download section for nforce professional. That link took me to the v.1.11 release page.
However, after looking at the files, the files are for support of MCP55 & nForce professional 3000 series according to the text files that are included. The nforce v.1.11 page does not mention that NV 2000 series are not supported.

Is the phrasing incorrect in the text file?
This archive provides drivers for SATA and LAN controller of NVIDIA nForce 550/570/590 and NVIDIA nForce professional 3600/3400/3050.
Also, all of the drivers have a kernel version tagged in the name and apparently expect that specific kernel. The 2.6.13 kernel is not used by any recent(this year) distros so I am a bit confused as to how " bug fixes as well as enhancements " can be applied to current distros on systems that use the nforce pro 2200 and/or 2050 chipsets.
( I use openSUSE 10.1 and current kernel for it is

Would you explain what happened to driver support for other nForce Pro series such as 2200 and 2050?

The SUSE 10 folder only has source for forcedeth. Is that a newer/fixed/enhanced version and should I build it for this x86_64 platform?
Why is the sata_nv driver source not included? : ditto for the audio AC97 driver.

If the fixes/enhancements are already in newer kernels, than a statement to that effect on the v.1.11 page would help clear the smoke a bit.

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