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Default Where is GnuPG key at NV site?

Looks like the method has changed a bit and NV wants me to use YAST. I hate YAST but am willing to go along since I like openSUSE and NV...
Thing is that it wants me to import NV GnuPG Key and that's okay too if I can verify that what I am getting is the official NV GnuPG key.

I searched here and there ... "not found": So where is it publically posted on a NV site?



only has
and the
/x86_64 and /i586
directories do not have the new 8774, yet.
So until it does, I/we won't need the GnuPG key.

From a CLI
rug sa nVidia -f
is a bit faster than the YAST2 GUI and it will always add "nVidia" service because of the -f (force adding service)...
That adds the service to the automated "Software Updater" (Novell's "zen-updater") which means that if the end-user runs the Software Updater at login(as most would do) it will inform the user when updates are available so in addition to openSUSE/SUSE EL security updates and bugfixes, nVidia will be made available also.

One can speed-up that service add a bit by specifying the service type using -t:
rug sa -t YUM nVidia -f
One can use the Zen GUI to make the addition but rug seems faster ...

YAST2 & YOU is a manual method. Zen(zmd) is the new-er way ...still a bit of a hog but it works. rug is a CLI to Novell's ZENworks Linux Management (ZLM) agent which has a daemon (zmd) to run everything.

rug has some easy functions that work similarly to using yum on the CLI. E.g., rug search(se) can quickly find and list all available files with a given search name:
#> rug se nvidia-gfx
S | Catalog    | Bundle | Name                   | Version                  | Arch
  | nVidia-YUM |        | nvidia-gfx-kmp-bigsmp  | 1.0.8762_2.6.16.21_0.8-1 | i586
  | nVidia-YUM |        | nvidia-gfx-kmp-default | 1.0.8762_2.6.16.21_0.8-1 | x86_64
  | nVidia-YUM |        | nvidia-gfx-kmp-default | 1.0.8762_2.6.16.21_0.8-1 | i586
  | nVidia-YUM |        | nvidia-gfx-kmp-smp     | 1.0.8762_2.6.16.21_0.8-1 | x86_64
  | nVidia-YUM |        | nvidia-gfx-kmp-smp     | 1.0.8762_2.6.16.21_0.8-1 | i586
It's 17:31:06 CDT (UTC-0500) on Thu Aug 24, week 34 in 2006.

AS you can see, the 8774 version is not up yet.
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