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Default GF4 IQ.. I need some HONEST opinions..

Odd expecting any from a nVidia fansite.. but I need to know

I am either buying a Radeon8500, a Radeon9500(later down the road) or a GF4 Ti4200 .. As of now I'm 98% sure I'm not getting a GF4 because of image quality..

Only problem is I'm basing Radeon8500's image quality off of my Radeon1s.. which is nearly perfect (anis. filtering in OGL) .. and basing GF4s IQ off of what I see in reviews ..

This page here -

be HONEST.. is that what GF4s Anis. filtering looks like?(in comparison to GF4 pic) I know for a FACT that is what Radeon's Anis. filtering looks like(in comparison to my Radeon)..

I wouldn't mind some full screen screenshots of GF4 in quake3 if anyone has any.. with Anis. filtering.. just so I can see for myself how good GF4 looks..

and a couple of questions to people here.. reviewers never seem to cover this crap so asking a GF4 owner is the only way to find out..

Does GF4 support Anis. filtering in D3D? Officially?
Does GF4 have SuperSampling in both D3D and OGL? Heard a while back it did in OGL but not D3D..

I got a couple of problems here.. NO1 i am SPOILED by my Radeon1's good IQ.. the SSFSAA is perfect(slow but best looking with texture filterong on Radeon's Anis. filtering) .. I WILL play a game at 20fps to get the best possible IQ..

I can't get to a firm conclusion from all of these reviews.. SOme recent German reviews of the Radeon9700 show it looking like complete crap.. and the GF4 looking better then my Radeon1.. Most English reviews show Radeon9700 looking as good as my Radeon1(better because of the Trilinear filtering) with FSAA with the GF4 having crap Anis. filtering..

I know this is long.. but the main point is.. I wanna know EXACTLEY how nVidia's Anis. filtering LOOKS(not performs) .. without any bias PoV .. but in comparison to screenshots on other sites.. does your card look like that?

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