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Default Re: Nvidia has open source drivers at

Originally Posted by netllama
SuSE and Redhat are explicitly 'supported' as NVIDIA's enterprise customers have requested support for those distributions. The source for the drivers is also included in the 1.11 package for anyone running a different distribution, should they wish to build the drivers. For a recent (2.6.16.x or later) kernel, all you should need to do is replace the 'default' source with that included in the 1.11 package (or my sticky post) and (re)build the kernel.
Don't get me wrong I'm deeply gratefull for the support that there is already. It's just when you have another distro which is not supported directly and you open the zip file you are only met with directories related to distros other than your own. When met with only these options it can be quite confusing as to which you should use.
Supporting every distro out there is ofcourse not an option, which is why IMHO a "generic" folder would be nice to have. I've seen many other open source drivers out there which are able to compile a new module without the need for recompiling the whole kernel. Much nicer to maintain from a users perspective.
Ofcourse if (which I suspect) the main goal is to provide source for the kernel team for them to incorporate into the main tree, users shouldn't need to deal with these kinds of things in the first place..
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