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Default Re: Nvidia has open source drivers at

Originally Posted by netllama
SuSE and Redhat are explicitly 'supported' as NVIDIA's enterprise customers have requested support for those distributions. The source for the drivers is also included in the 1.11 package for anyone running a different distribution, should they wish to build the drivers. For a recent (2.6.16.x or later) kernel, all you should need to do is replace the 'default' source with that included in the 1.11 package (or my sticky post) and (re)build the kernel.
I'm don't understand why there is no support for Ubuntu and\or Debian .Ubuntu is quite popular distro, easy to install and used by lots of users due to this fact.And they're targeting for long life of their version 6.06 (declared to be supported for 6 years).So it about to be quite widely used and popular.

Current state:
I have MSI K9N Platinum MB - Nforce 570 chipset.So...

- Ubuntu 6.06 has problems in forcedeth.c - it detects cards, could recieve packets but transmission fails.There is errors saying about Tx timeouts.

- Ubuntu 6.06.1 which has been recently released has a dozen of fixes.This issue also resolved and all works properly.

However it is a fair idea to have always latest drivers supported by NVidia itself.Othervice I'm feeling myself uncomfortable because it looks for me like I'd bought hardware which vendor fails to support even quite popular software.
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