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Default Re: geforce 6200 - no color on TV-out

Originally Posted by pacl
just bought this card (Its a giga-byte card).

I connected it to a TV with a 9pin SVideo to composite adapter.
The picture shows but there is almost no color.
I have played around with various color settings.

I think it should work because I have another computer with an ATI card, using a 7-pin SVideo to composite adapter and it works fine.

I tried the GeForce card with another TV with a 9-pin Svideo to 4-pin Svideo adapter and it works fine as well.

This might be a bit confusing, so let me try again. I have 2 TVs and 2 computers with cards (1 ATI and 1 Geforce). All combinations work except the Geforce card to the TV with the composite adapter. In this case, I have almost no color.

Again, I assume it SHOULD work, (ie) it is not a problem with the s-video to composite adapter, because everything works with the 4 year old ATI card.

Any ideas.

I have same error, the cable convert Svideo to compostie work with old ATI card but not word on my 6600GT card.
I try to buld corect cable for my video card from here and it work well.
I don't know what, but you can try it.
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