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Default Re: Suspend/Hibernate - does it work for you?

1. (Method): Suspend to RAM from Gnome Menu / Close Display
2. (Worked): Yes/No
3. (SW-setup): FC5, 8762 from Livna, same result with 8774 from Livna
4. (HW-setup): Dell Inspiron 9300, nVidia Corporation NV41.8 [GeForce Go 6800] (rev a2), PCI Express

Worked fine with Fedora Core Kernel 2.6.16-1.2133_FC5 (2.6.16 Kernel). Doesn't work (black screen after resume) with any of the kernel versions above (2.6.17). I've tried the latest nvidia driver, same result, but 8774 is not available from livna for 2.6.16-1.2133_FC5. I have a pci express version, nvAGP Option and agp=off kernel parameter makes no difference. Comment out resume_video() / vbetool post in /etc/pm/functions-nvidia doesn't change things too.

Another idea to try?

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