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Default Re: 3DMark07 in September???

Originally Posted by Rieper
I keep reading on various hardware forums that 3dMark07 will be released in September (less than 2 weeks away!!).

Is there any further news on this speculation? Does Futuremark always release 3dMark in Sept?

Finally, what are the new features which will or should be included in the new 3DMark07?

Thanks in adv.
Umm... I haven't heard such things. Care to provide a link that claims this?

I'd expect 3DMark 07 to actually be a DX10 benchmark. I guess they could release it before DX10 showing us the best we'll probably see from DX9. Then when DX10 is released Futuremark drops a patch adding DX10 support. Could be done, but not likely.

I'm betting that if it comes out in September, then it will be the one that is a year from next month.
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