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Default Re: Nvidia has open source drivers at

Originally Posted by PowerUser
I'm don't understand why there is no support for Ubuntu and\or Debian .Ubuntu is quite popular distro, easy to install and used by lots of users due to this fact.
IMHO, nvidia has done enough to just release the source to the driver.
It's then up to the distributors to include support for this harware, as there
is now NO obstacle that keeps them for doing so.

If nvidia provides additional support for the 2 distros with the highest
marketshare, thats up to nv. But it's of course (IMHO) a waste of precious develloper time to build packages for all 500.000 distros out there.

You can build the modules yourself out of the sources, or wait until
ubunu/someone else builds packages for your os of choice.

the real thing i'd bug nv about: why they just don't release the next gen of
chipsets with ahci hardware, since they have bought uli ? :P!
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