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Default Re: *** Official EverQuest II Screenshot thread ***

Originally Posted by alindiras
Yes I do

I have CPU AMD 3000 xp+ (32 bits) 1.5 go of ram , nforce2 onboard, GPU 7800Gs 256 Mb AGP

I play in the highest quality mode (with some setting even higher than default value from SOE setting).
I only reduce shadows when I am in full group or raid .

The minimun FPS is 7 (during battle if I keep the shadows activated) the maximum is 64 (somewhere in the thundering steps by example) , average is 20 to 25.(highest ,but it is not significant, was 107 looking the sky)

Nvidia driver setting are : high quality - anisotropic texture on 8 - aa desactivated.
Resolution is 1280x1024

This game is really the best MMORPG I have ever played and I am still in for a long time.

I agree it is the best MMORPG out there right now. That is beside the point though. Your system is not even close to matching mine and even I don't run in extreme graphic settings. A AMD 3000 XP CPU and 1.5 gigs is not enough for EQ2 at the very highest graphic settings and your video card means very little unless you play beyond 1600x1200 resolution as the game is very CPU bound with anything at our below that resolution. I'd like to see FRAPS video or pics with your fps being shown of your preformance in game in areas like Qeynos Harbor or East Freeport and during combat and in raid encounters.
Operating System: Windows XP /w SP2
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