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Default Re: 3DMark07 in September???

Originally Posted by SH64
Usually Futuremark releases new version when the older one breach the 15k barrier or something close ..
i think what Redeemed said makes sense .. the next 3DMark should be DX10. wether its 07 or 08.
But didn't 3dmark03, or 05, include both dx8 and dx9 benchies? If so I'm guessing the next 3dmark is going to include a mix of dx9 and dx10 benchies. Heh I haven't even seen 3dmark06 yet as my computer isn't even able to run 3dmark01 at decent framerates, so I'm looking forward to my brother getting his core2duo 6600/7950gx2 setup. ^^ 3dmark07 shouldn't be long off though as I think they only released 3dmark06 because SLi enabled users to get over 15k in 3dmark05 fairly quickly.
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