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Default Re: When rude people annoy the hell out of one

Originally Posted by spirited1
You can build ships and sail whereever you want in them
You can buy flying mounts (dragons, harpies etc) and fly wherever you want on them
If you can see it, you can pretty much climb/swim/jump/tango on it. No invisible walls or unscalable mountains
3 seperate spheres of advancement (Adventuring, Tradeskilling, Diplomacy). Don't like killing stuff? Fine, stay at lvl 1 and level up Diplomacy and use your skills to get access to areas, unique items, titles, etc. You don't have to kill to advance if you don't want to
Heavily modified Unreal 2.5 engine, switching over to U3.0 on the first or second expansion
AGEIA and X-Fi support
3 continents at launch: Thestra (typical High Fantasy rolling fields), Kojan (Asian inspired Feudal Japan-ish), Qualia (Egyptian)
Weapons and armour is unique to the area. See the guy with the badass Katana over there? He got that in Kojan. You'll know where somebody's been by what they're wearing
Around 16 different classes, and as many races
The best character customisation, in any game, ever
7 years of expansions, new races, classes, lore, floating cities etc has already been planned and mapped out. That's right, 7 years.

I haven't even begun to list Vanguard's features.

The question isn't "why would he want to", the question is "why the hell wouldn't he".
All hype untill it luanchs and those features are tested out and proven to be fun and not boring time sinks or a OCD inspired repitive grind.

P.S. The devs have stated that you will have to level up your adventure levels to progress in other spheres and complete quests involving other spheres. Check out the forums if you don't believe me and ask around.
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