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Originally Posted by MOTÖRHEAD
All hype untill it luanchs and those features are tested out and proven to be fun and not boring time sinks or a OCD inspired repitive grind.

P.S. The devs have stated that you will have to level up your adventure levels to progress in other spheres and complete quests involving other spheres. Check out the forums if you don't believe me and ask around.
In just about every mmo, you can get to max lvl by simply doing easy content. Lvl 60 is a minor achievement, but nothing to write home about. You can do the same in Diplomacy, Tradeskills and Adventuring in VG. Tackle easy content (the game is 60% group content, 20% solo, and 20% raid content).

But obviously, the really uber quests are going to need you to be proficient in all 3, and in certain cases, max lvl in all 3. But you don't have to do them if you don't want to. You have a choice, you can choose either to not do it, or buy the item from another player etc.

You won't be as well equipped as someone who has all 3 sphere's maxxed if you just take up Adventuring. If someone is willing to put more effort in than you, they should get better rewards. That's fair, I think. Me? I'm gonna level up Adventuring because I like killing stuff, Tradeskilling because I like crafting stuff and I'll give Diplomacy a miss. Diplomacy is for wimps, I do my talking with a Claymore. But some people like it [shrug]

Honestly, it sounds like you've already made up your mind it will suck. I'm not gonna try to persuade you otherwise. Play in the open beta that's coming up soon (tm) and you can see for free if they can put their money where their mouths are. If anyone here has a Station Access account with SOE, good news. Vanguard will be added to the roster.
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