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Default 3213, 4191 work but nogo with 4349

3123 has been rock solid
4191 never crashed, but had some problems
when printing "\rsome long string" in a terminal
at 30hz.
4349 causes X (and possibly the machine) to hang.

verbose error reports do not seem to yield any
interesting information, but I'd be happy to provide them

The 'hang' looks like this:
monitor flickers twice, then looses sync permanently.
<ctrl><alt><bspace> does not return the monitor to a usable state.

These behaviours are replicatable across different kernels, stock or RH-stock, through RH 7.3-9.

The hardware:
Quadro4 980XGL
Supermicro P5DA8, dual 2.8Ghz xeon, 1G
This happens with NVAGP set to 0,1,2, or 3.
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