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Question Black TV-Out on Any 1.0.8xxx driver

Every time I try to upgrade from the 1.0.6 driver series to the 1.0.8 series, I get the same problem: the television image goes black. I read several threads about similar problems, but these problems were related to specific versions within the 1.0.8 series. For me, all 1.0.8 drivers are broken.

The 1.0.6629 driver is working perfectly. I just switch the drivers and my TV-Out goes black. When I switch the drivers back, TV-Out is working again. The config files for both drivers are identical.

The TV-Out signal is not gone, my TV still detects a valid input signal. Sometimes, I can see faint horizontal line patterns. My video card is a GeForce-2 MX. Kernel is 2.6.15, Linux distribution is Gentoo.

My xorg.conf and two log files are attached below. One log file was captured while starting X using 1.0.6629, the other using 1.0.8174.
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