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Default Re: Nvidia has open source drivers at

Originally Posted by netllama
I'll try, as best as I can, to respond to all the recent questions regarding the 'new' open source driver (1.11) package. Please see my sticky post for additional details:

All that you need for any NVIDIA NIC is the forcedeth driver. There is nothing special about the driver package on NVIDIA's website which restricts it exclusively to MCP55. The driver package in the above URL includes pre-compiled RPMs and driver disks (which can be used for adding hardware support when installing the associated Linux distribution). Additionally, it provides the source for the forcedeth, sata_nv and amd74xx.c drivers. One thing to note is that the source is only included (under the corresponding distribution subdirectory) for distributions which do not already ship with the latest version of the corresponding driver.

In the case of SuSE-10.1, there isn't currently an explicit driver package, however you can build the new forcedeth for your SuSE-10.1 kernel fairly easily. Create a new Makefile the line:

obj-m := forcedeth.o

Then, type the command "make -C /usr/src/<kernel> SUBDIRS=$PWD modules" to build the forcedeth module for the kernel you specified. SuSE-10.1 already ships with the same version of sata_nv & amd74xx which is included in the 1.11 driver package.

As Thunderbird commented, there are no current plans to add any accelerated support to the 'nv' X driver, as NVIDIA already ships a driver with 3D acceleration (the 'nvidia' X driver).

SuSE and Redhat are explicitly 'supported' as NVIDIA's enterprise customers have requested support for those distributions. The source for the drivers is also included in the 1.11 package for anyone running a different distribution, should they wish to build the drivers. For a recent (2.6.16.x or later) kernel, all you should need to do is replace the 'default' source with that included in the 1.11 package (or my sticky post) and (re)build the kernel.

If you read the README that is included with the 1.11 driver package, you'd se that it provides instructions how to build the drivers from source. I'll talk with development about the possibility of posting SRPMs, or at least a SPEC file to generate the RPMs. In the interim, you should be able to build the forcedeth driver with the Makefile I noted earlier in this post.

A question to Nvidia, Are they planning to fully support nforce2 audio hardware mixing in their future drivers, or give the driver code to ALSA so WE can fully use and enjoy our sound cards?. If you are going to drop the chipset support, why can't you let others do it for you?.

I know that the 1.0-0310 driver will not work with some future kernel, and, if you don't know, the ALSA driver (AC codec) sounds like hell with analog speakers (a loud beeep in the background).

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