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Default Re: first display on twinview

I see.
Looks like we have to make something about our login/window managers then.

I also realised that We have this "problem" in windows aswell.
In windows we have screen 1 and screen 2. CRT screen have priority 1 (default primary)
In windows you can make screen 2 primary. Still, primary screen have priority 2.

And as Zander says, it's a windowmanager issue, but this thing should not rely on the windowmanager at all.

Due Linux/unix behaviour in this matter, I would like to see a change in this behaviour, making it able to choose the screens priority order.

Maytbe add another option to the driver named "DisplayPriority" that recieves a commaseparated string, for example: "DFP, CRT, TV" where first value becomes priority 1, second value becomes priority 2 and so on.
What do you think about that?
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