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Question Re: BIOS help with GeForce4 440 Go

I read all your messages with great interest because I also bought the GeForce4 440 from the eBay web site for my Inspiron 8100 with its WUXGA screen. I also made the 'mistake' of flashing the bios with A06nv17.exe from the Dell Website, which produced spots all over the screen and I had to remove the GeForce4 and put the GeForce2 Go back in. So, this afternoon after work, the Dell on site tech is coming over and we will try your reccomended rom file using Nvflash. The A06nv17.exe is supposed to have both C1 and C2 on it, so I don't understand why it's producing a problem.

What none of you has mentioned is: what software driver version you are using? Is it R58746.exe off the Dell Website? Or...after a long discussion with Dell Tech the other night, they reccomended the latest drivers off the Nvidia Website, Version 91.31, which can be found at: Which do you reccomend?

I've also been told I need to not only uninstall the old software using add/remove programs, but also use device manager to remove the GeForce2 Go display adapter. Is that the correct thing to do?
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