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Default Re: BIOS help with GeForce4 440 Go

Originally Posted by DRDRJAY1
Nvidia's latest driver ( 91.31 on their website ) does say it supports the GeForce4 440 go...!?
No it doesn't

I can't make much sense of the Laptopvideo website; I don't see where to download the drivers/inf files, just news about them. I tried registering, but I don't have all that information they want at my fingertips and not much time to go search for it.
Go back to the site and click on the "drivers" link at the top of the page. Download the 91.47 drivers from the link provided. Right next to that is a link called INF. Right click and "save target as" and download it. Once the drivers have downloaded, extract them to a folder, then take the .inf file you downloaded and copy it to that folder, overwriting the existing file.

After you've uninstalled your previous drivers, follow the installation instructions provided here.

I also have nvidafileremover_05.exe. Does it probably work as well as Driver Cleaner for this application?
I doubt it. Driver Cleaner is the preferred application among both NVIDIA and ATI users.
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