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Default Re: When rude people annoy the hell out of one

The thing that really pisses me off lately, is all the haters on VG. Many people say "Yeah, but people have broken the NDA and said it sucks". No **** people who break the NDA are going to say it sucks! Someone that is ENJOYING beta will NOT break the NDA, or they loose thier spot in beta! I have "heard" from people in beta that while it still has a ways to go, alot of progress is being made, and the game is coming along rather well...While they didn't provide any specifics (for fear of being kicked), I am willing to bet that is how most people in beta feel...Will the game be "Next Gen", "Just a fun MMO", or "sucks completely" remains to be seen. We will all have to make up our own minds if we get in beta or play on launch. Unless of course you already dislike it because of the "elitist" EQ guys (whatever)...

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