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Default Re: ReducedBlanking support

Originally Posted by mizvekov
Well as i said already, X starts fine, the problem is that i lose a vertical band at the far right. This band is all black and has a bright white line with some garbage at the left of it. From my experience, that means im exceding pixelclock rate limit. I know the modeline is for 77hz, but i tried 75hz with same results. My first though to solve the problem was that in windows the nvidia driver was using the reducedblanking option to get some more bandwidth, and so i had to do the same in linux. Any ideas?
You can try to use cvt (cvt.c in a search engine will find it), which has the option "-r" in order to generate a modeline with reduced blanking.
In my experience it works sometimes, depending on the monitor.

Hope this helps.
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