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Unhappy Geforece Go 7600 fan problem

I have toshiba P100 (or. P105 in US) laptop and it has Go 7600 card in it. I had no problems installing drivers on Suse 10.1 and everything worked great. But then i noticed something that scared me a bit. GPU temp was allways over 80C . Under Windows this temps are from 50-60C. So i noticed that the graphics fan never works. The only option is that i completely turn ACPI off. Then the fans are allways on. Not very plesant as you can imagine. So i did a lot of research on this issue and it seems that a lot of other people with geforce 7 series laptop cards have same problem. At first i tought it is ACPI related problem, but then i uninstaled nvidia driver under windows and found out that fans didnt spin either . So it has to be driver role to spin the fans. But as it seems under linux this fan control doesnt work. So here are my questions.

Does anybody here have same problem?
Is there some way to control fans ? (i tried searching /proc and /sys to find some interface, but no luck. Even tried nvclock...card not supported)
Is powermizer working under linux?
Does nvidia even support mobile chips with linux driver?

I would be happy if fan on graphics card would be on as long i could use ACPI.
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