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Default I'm Lost Here

Application provides trilinear filtering (possibly bilinear depending on the application) and the slower anisotropic filtering (quality aniso which is supposedly indistinguishable from the performance anisotropic as stated in Rivatuner)

Quality/Balanced (used in prior 40.xx Series Dets) provides supposedly semi-tri/bilinear filtering and the faster anisotropic filtering

Aggressive is the worst of the settings.. providing something closer to bilinear filtering (using the same performance aniso).

I've seen some quality and application settings used in reviews related to the quality of the trilinear filtering (and I'd like to see more of those as well). Balanced/Quality seems to be worse in that area than performance.

There have been some reports of AA not working. I would like to see some of these screenshots. Performance obviously goes down. The real question if it is truly done in the balanced/quality setting. Reports show that using the application setting fixes this problem (if this is the case, that's a huge problem).

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