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Originally Posted by kriko
I got the zalman VF 700, now the GPU core shows:
42 - 46 C. Mostly 44 C.

This is great.
Yeah I got tha zalman VF 700-cu

I had a PNY 6600 GT, I had problems with it crashing, here were my temps:

Stock Cooling:
Idle: 90C Load: 135C (would quickly crash)

AS 5 put on stock:
Idle: 75C Load: 125C (eventual crash)

AS 5 core/mem underclocked from 500/900 to 450/850:
Idle: 70C Load: 115C

Heatsync tied with cable ties to put more presure (stock clocks):
Idle: 70C Load: 109C

Zalman cooler:
Idle: 42C Load: 54C

Zalman cooler, stock 500/900 overclocked to 607/1125:
Idle: 42C Load: 58C

So, comparing zalman to stock cooler in the stock settings, my idle temps dropped 48C, meaning that the stock ran 2.14x hotter, and at max load, the difference was 77C!!!! (a whopping 2.32x with stock compared to zalman)
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