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Default Re: Strange behaviour on Debian with Kernel 2.6.13

Originally Posted by bedenkerij
You have to remove /etc/init.d/nvidia-glx by hand, even after doing apt-get remove nvidia-glx. The scripts removes /usr/lib/tls/ and /usr/lib/tls/ at startup.
Correct, you need to remove the script manually if you install the package such that configuration files are left intact; you needn't delete the script manually if you use the --purge option when uninstalling the nvidia-glx package, though.

Originally Posted by bedenkerij
nvidia-installer used:
Remark: For my Nvidia RIVA TNT I had to use the latest LEGACY-version from (Linux IA32); the "latest version" does NOT work. The error-message suggests the problem is with the kernels source or compiler, but that is not the case. Just get te legacy version. (If you use the wrong installation script you are notified to do so at start-up, but the installer script does not quit, so you might miss that message at first, as I did.)
This is the expected behavior, the TNT1 is a legacy graphics chip and supported through the Linux legacy graphics drivers. Please see for a complete list of legacy GPUs (towards the bottom of the page).
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