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Default Re: first display on twinview

<bumping this thread to make nVidia aware of this problems priority>


We are still waiting for the updated drivers with an option to change CRT/DFP priority order.
I read the following from
Twinview device order

The VGA/CRT device was always the first device during testing twinview. There currently (2006/05/05) is no easy way to get around this, but NVIDIA is aware of that problem and is probably going to offer a solution in one of the forthcoming driver versions.
Why this is taking some time, I don't know. But I would guess on one of following theories:
1. Bureaucratic structure: Feedback from users to the programming teams takes ALOT of time due a bureaucratic structure within the company. We have to wait for years before any of nVidias programmer teams becomes aware of the problem.
2. Not a problem: nVidia doesn't prioritare this problem, since it's NOT a problem if we ask nVidia. They say: "It work as intended". So... rest of the universe are wrong then.
3. No priority: nVidia doesn't prioritare Linux platform at all. We have to wait years before anyone takes the step to release any new version of the driver on the Linux-platform.
4. Incompetent programmers: nVidia lack of programmers for the Linux/unix platform. We have to wait until nVidia finds someone who's paycheck arent too skyhigh and DO have some good skills within Linux/unix programming.

I believe there is a big bunch of users out there, not even aware of this thread, waiting for a solution.
Please reconsider releasing drivers as "OpenSource" so we who HAVE the skills, can fix the problem.

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