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Default Re: Horizontal streaking with S-video

First, thanks to the community for all the help available on the web.
Because of you my problems are mostly solved. First SVideo is your
last option for HDTV. It is indeed crap.

Solving the horizontal streaking involved enabling XvMC in mythtv
(See the wiki). XvMC absolutely MUST be enabled to view
1080i content (certain ASTC terrestrial broadcasts) regardless of your CPU
speed. However mythfrontend is not using
(ldd /usr/bin/mythfrontend). I will compile mythtv from source to
fix this problem.

Second I got an HDMI(A) to DVI (D) cable to display computer output.
The picture is absolutely fabulous on HDTV content. If moderators
allow I will post my setup to another thread on later in
September 2006 for the JVC 56G787 HD-ILA television. I want to work
the final kinks out.

I still had minor horizontal streaking playing DVD content from the
computer DVD drive. Compiling xine-lib-1.1.2 to use fixed
this problem (/usr/local/bin/xine -V xvmc).
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