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Default 1.0.8774 doesn't work for TV or DVB card

On a debian/testing P4 system lk w/ GF5200 and both a PCI TV and DVB-S card, the XVideo for these devices doesn't work anymore, even if I disable the composite extension (though the xorg.log file says the ext. is disable, but it enables the internal composite anyway).
The output that I get, eg. w/ xawtv, looks like those cards that if you look a while at it, suddenly some depth is visible.
I also got two crashes allready, see attachments for the first crash kern.log. The second crash happend suddenly when I typed a key, I heard a beep and then I couldn't do anything anymore. The mouse still moved, didn't click though, and a running 'xawtv -c /dev/video0 -remote' (which was the only way to get TV out of the bttv TV card) kept on running as well. Machine was quite dead though, I couldn't ssh to that machine as well, though ping did get reply's. Unfortunately no log of this crash.
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