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Default Re: *** Official EverQuest II Screenshot thread ***

Originally Posted by Tyr-Sog
So, I signed back up and all I have to say is WOW! They really changed this game. Much more polished and actually feels like more of a finished product. When I left it, it was just a mess. Much more solo friendly now it seems, game mechanics seem more polished, controls a bit tighter. Granted I just got off a noob island but just from that quick experience it really seems like the game has went through a major overhaul.

So now, do I play a necro or a conjuror? lol.... I swinging a conjuror because I play on the good side with that. Necro seems cool, I just cannot get into the freeport atmosphere as much for some reason.
I like the way necro's pets look like IMHO but that is a personal choice and most of my toons ( save one in Qeynos that I use to purchase stuff from their broker ) are FP based so yeah am biased.

Crafting has been made into less of a chore with no sub-combines. All you have to do now is harvest the raws to make an item. Of course items require slightly more raws to make then before I think but don't qoute me on this for sure.

The rate at which you get rares has increased as well. The next big patch will bring in more xp for green and blue mobs which is a nice added bonus for solo/duo players along with re-adding new tradeskill crafting writs which were pulled out to be redone after the big tradeskill update.

I think EQ2 started at rock bottom but slowly but surely the game is moving on up with tons of lessons learned by the devs and SOE. Overall I am very happy playing this game which IMHO has more depth then WoW.
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