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Default Re: 1.0.8774 doesn't work for TV or DVB card

> Tvtime works great
Yes, but doesn't do Tvtime also postprocessing, so basically the same as -remote arg for xawtv?

Anyhow, I've installed the xorg-7.1 from debian/experimetal and it doesn't solve the issue. Though composite w/ video from mplayer or xine work great. I have set my xorg.conf back to 16bit colors to reduse CPU load, but I must say having fullscreen video composed w/ the background image is really really cool. Also no crashes till now.

When xawtv, or kwintv, starts I get a
ioctl VIDIOCCAPTURE(1): Invalid argument
on the console where X is started. Like said, the 'XvPutVideo' doesn't work, but neither any xoverlay from these v4l applications. Do I need to set an option for this (Readme.txt has some about overlay, but seems to talk about GL)?

One unrelated thing is that with GF5200 and 1920/1200 the stability is worse than before (ie. more horz. noise lines) compared to the previous NVidia driver. Here also the 16bit colors helped, but not enough. And w/ the previous driver it was only w/ the first minute after starting X, or when overscaling a fullscreen video, this driver seems to become worse in time when having fullscreen video resulting to also having sometimes black screens flashing in between.
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