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Default Re: *** Official EverQuest II Screenshot thread ***

Yea, I noticed while surfing the eq2 forums a ton of wow players migrating over to eq becasue the lack of end game and depth in wow. I feel the same way and I'm basically just a casual player that has end game experience(although casually). Don't get me wrong, wow is a great game but like mentioned just leaves something to be disired at endgame.

Well I actually decided against both necro and conjuror(got both to lvl 9). I decided to play a froglok warlock. They just seem to be rare in the game and I do love to dish out aoe, which I believe the lock excels at in this game. I have got him to lvl 12 and have a little feel for this class and am really enjoying it so I think I will stick with it. So many choices compared to wow though but knew it would be a mage type. Lock it is.

I'm on the RP(PVP) Server(forget name).

Name is Soso if anyone cares.
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