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Default Seeking FC5 AGP Dual Head graphics card recommendation.

I am seeking a dual head agp card for my system, need not be current I don't mind buying
used equipment, but new (current) would be better.

My current Matrox g400 (AGP) if very old an apparantly not yet supported for xorg7.1.
I would like to get into the "sweet spot" for performance/price.
I don't game much but would like the options for some gaming.
I will be running two CRTs and 1280x1024 each.
This needs to be a dual head AGP card, I only have 3 PCI slots and don't want to
fill one with a graphics card.

Software FC5, and I'll keep upgrading so hardware support is important.

EliteGroup 760GX-M with AMD64 (SEMPRON 2800)
This board has a AGP x3.0 8X slot and 3 PCI slots.
1G ram
AGP x3.0 8x

Thank you for taking the time to consider my question.
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