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Talking Re: Mixed vender SLI

Im recently bought a second 7800GT and run sli. The cards are a Gigabyte 7800GT (405/1000) + Nvidia 7800GT (400/1000). In sli the clocks defaulted to 400/1000 i put the slowest card in the upper slot. Benchies are (with a X2 4200+ dualcore cpu):

3dmark03: 24210
3dmark06: 10706
3dmark06: 6377

3dmark03: 26148
3dmark06: 11079
3dmark06: 6800

Games i noticed really benefit from sli are:

FEAR (1280x1024 and everything maxed gives 106 fps on avg)
CoD2 (never measured fps but everything on max)
Oblivion (35-50 fps outside, >85 fps inside)
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