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Default Re: Why so much hostility?

Originally Posted by Bman212121
No, I think it's mainly in the gen hardware and cpu, memory one. They mainly start with A > B than B, than someone calls someone else a fanboy, then they argue for 3 pages about nothing and just insult each other.

I would agree that it is probably because of the massive amount of new technology this year. The amount of new graphics cards, OSes, consoles, disc drives, and processors has everyone bent out of shape.
Thank you for the straight answer. Intel vs AMD/ATI fanboys are a bit over the edge. I am trying to train myself to pick up on this and keep them in line. I am use to keeping the NVIDIA vs ATI fights under control and have a tendency to not to react to the other disagreements. I want everyone to be NVNEWS Fanboys and behave so I can get my review done. I've already lost a day and half because of Ernesto.
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