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Default Radeon 9700 not all that?

Well, we finally got benchmarks for the radeon 9700. However, even though it totally kills the Gf4 Ti 4600 in performance, and definitely even more in features(128 bit color ect.ect), I really feel that the nv30 will overpower it by alot. In some games, the r300 and gf4 come tied! What is that? It could be the games are not adapted for the technology in the 9700, or we might see a big boost when directx 9 comes out, maybe that will bring the 9700 hundred to it's performance capabilites. But in terms of going out and getting one, I think a wise person would wait for the nv30..Right? I mean, no game out there will use more power than a geforce3 from now to when the nv30 comes out, so there is really no hurry to rush out and get an r300. I think it's better to wait for the nv30. What do you think?
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