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any of: RH 7.3, 8, 9

all stock RH kernels (both SMP and UNI)
linus's 2.4.20 (other vanillas not tried)
-Do you need the output of lsmod?

Supermicro X5DA8 MB (Intel E7505 chipset)
dual 2.8 Ghz CPU
1 Gig registered ecc RAM
U320 scsi (aic79xx based) (onboard the MB)
intel e1000 ethernet (onboard the MB)
DVS SDI I/O card (
-If you need more detail, I can post a lspci or other infos.

PNY Quadro4 980XGL

see attached.

It can take some time to reproduce. (usually less than 20 minutes for the flow-blown 'eww' black corruption, but you can see hints of things (a little more flicker than usual in a rapidly updating dialogue, for example) before the full-blown eww)
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