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Default Re: News regarding Vista release.

Also i would like to quote Paul Thurrott from his insanely nice site : .

Final thoughts
Back in my Beta 2 compatibility report, I noted that Vista was "still not ready to be used as your sole OS, and should only be installed in a dual-boot situation with XP, or on a dedicated test system." The reasons were varied, but included performance problems and compatibility issues. Today, with RC1, those issues have largely been resolved. Windows Vista performs admirably, and the 32-bit versions offer amazing hardware and software compatibility, even compared with XP. So should you just drop XP and go fully Vista with RC1? No, of course not. But this is going to be the line in the sand for a lot of people, the time when it will be possible to stay in Vista longer than in XP. And over time, as your XP usage drops off, you'll find yourself not missing XP at all. You'll be unhappy when you do have to boot into XP for some random reason.

Windows Vista RC1 is a huge improvement over previous Vista versions, and compatibility plays a big part in that success. This is now one less thing to worry about when migrating to the next Windows.

--Paul Thurrott
September 3, 2006
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