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Default Re: FC5 and kmod-nvidia

Originally Posted by Dragoran
I don't use it but it has a start script that changes the driver from nvidia to nvidia if there is no kernel module. (this is done because else X wont start)
I was thinking on it, but I don't find a start script for it.
Please, can you guide me where I can find it?

Originally Posted by Dragoran
if you have installed the drivers and opengl works fine the are installed fine.
I suppose opengl works fine, because of I can login properly and the most things work fine ...

Originally Posted by Dragoran
not with this card but tvtime works for me on 6600GT,7800GTX and Ti 4200
what is your problem and what is "not stable" ?
The tvtime screen is flickering with a frequence of 1 second and I can't hear anything.
Starting tvtime gives:
[gastonv@pandora1 ~]$ tvtime
Running tvtime 1.0.1.
Reading configuration from /etc/tvtime/tvtime.xml
Reading configuration from /home/gastonv/.tvtime/tvtime.xml
Thank you for using tvtime.

/etc/tvtime/tvtime.xml is to long to insert it, but I see that it is not the same as /home/gastonv/.tvtime/tvtime.xml
<option name="Norm" value="NTSC"/> I have use PAL
<option name="Frequencies" value="US-Cable"/> I have use custom
and perhaps more ...

I think the last one /home/gastonv/.tvtime/tvtime.xml replaces the first one /etc/tvtime/tvtime.xml?

[gastonv@pandora1 ~]$ cat /home/gastonv/.tvtime/tvtime.xml
<?xml version="1.0"?>
<!DOCTYPE tvtime PUBLIC "-//tvtime//DTD tvtime 1.0//EN" "">
<tvtime xmlns="">
<option name="Widescreen" value="0"/>
<option name="Fullscreen" value="0"/>
<option name="Verbose" value="0"/>
<option name="WindowGeometry" value="0x576"/>
<option name="InputWidth" value="768"/>
<option name="V4LDevice" value="/dev/video0"/>
<option name="VBIDevice" value="/dev/vbi0"/>
<option name="V4LInput" value="0"/>
<option name="Norm" value="pal"/>
<option name="Frequencies" value="custom"/>
<option name="MixerDevice" value="/dev/mixer:line"/>
<option name="XMLTVFile" value="none"/>
<option name="XMLTVLanguage" value="none"/>
<option name="ProcessPriority" value="-10"/>
<option name="Channel" value="11"/>
<option name="DefaultBrightness" value="-1"/>
<option name="DefaultContrast" value="-1"/>
<option name="DefaultSaturation" value="-1"/>
<option name="DefaultHue" value="-1"/>
<option name="PrevChannel" value="1"/>
<option name="FramerateMode" value="2"/>
<option name="OverScan" value="3.5"/>
<option name="CheckForSignal" value="0"/>
<option name="AudioBoost" value="-1"/>
<option name="AlwaysOnTop" value="0"/>
<option name="QuietScreenshots" value="0"/>
<option name="UnmuteVolume" value="0"/>
<option name="Muted" value="0"/>
<option name="AudioMode" value="mono"/>
<option name="PalDKMode" value="0"/>
<option name="DeinterlaceMethod" value="TelevisionFull"/>

Thanks and greetings,
Gaston Verhulst.
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