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Question NForce (forcedeth) install help?


Looking for a bit of help. I'm running SuSE (10, x86_64), so have to compile the forcedeth module by hand. The compile step seems to go fine, and I copied the new kernel module to:

With the nvnet driver, I would then have to run Yast, go to NIC configuration, edit the CK804 settings, and on the advanced settings tab manually type in nvnet for the module name.

If I do this, replacing nvnet with forcedeth, I cannot get the NIC to come up. If I restart Yast I then have 3 NICs listed (2 x CK804 and 1 x Marvell gigabit (not being used)).

Do I need to remove the nvnet module (rmmod nvnet) before starting Yast? Or uninstall the module from the system?

Any help would be much appreciated.

Best wishes,

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