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Default Re: first display on twinview

Originally Posted by zander
window managers, etc., shouldn't assume that the first "screen" reported via the extension is the highest priority one on which to place the login screen, etc.; they should really allow users to specify the "screen" priority/ordering.
I've tried specifying screen placement in KDE but it only gets me so far. I can put my panel and everything on my DVI monitor but the login dialog for KDM gets stuck on the crt, and certain informational messages/popups still come up on the crt. I have scripts that use xosd to display information, and they come up on the crt. I might be able to adjust the indent to move the xosd to the dvi, but if I switch modes and turn off the crt (which I do sometimes since I only leave on the crt when I need it) then it would be off the screen. Even if osd_cat had a screen argument, what would I use? I want the messages always on my DVI, but sometimes it is screen 1 and sometimes screen 2. In cases like this where the CRT (which is primary/first reported screen) is not always connected, it makes it much more difficult to specify screen placement. I pity laptop users because they are in the same boat with external crt's connected only some of the time.

On the other hand, if this issue were fixed/the DisplayPriority option implemented, and my DVI became the first screen reported, then all of the problems above would instantly be solved.
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