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Default Re: 1.0.8774 doesn't work for TV or DVB card

Originally Posted by meskalamdug
The problem is another..all tv-apps(xawtv,kdetv)require dga for see video from dvb-card,nvidia has removed the dga from their drivers.
U have this solution,downgrade to 8178 wich have dga,or use xawtv with
xawtv -no-xv -no-dga -no-gl,is a bad solution(cpu at 10% and over..),but i think is the only solution
For the crash,after upgrade the driver,before turn on tv u have to reboot your pc.
No, sorry, the problem is not with DGA, but with the direct v4l to xvideo overlay.
One feature of the xvideo extension is the capability to capture from v4l and display the picture (with proper color space conversion and scaling) without any CPU intervention. This does not work for driver after 8178.
So, the problem is not with missing DGA, which returns an error with xawtv, but with a known bug with the driver, which, hopefully, will be fixed in 9xxx.
At least this is the promise... :-)
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