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Default Re: Why so much hostility?

I have been looking at the forums per members requests and have banned Zelda_Fan and and NV40 for 2 weeks. I had banned Omega53 for 2 weeks but after receiving this email I am banning him permanently.

To MikeC

What the **** man. NV40 is the biggest **** talker on the site always making personal comments towards ppl and I make one towards him and you ban me for 2 weeks. Thats some ****ed up ****. Why dont you deep throat nv40 some more since thats the only thing you seem to be good at since moderating def isnt one of them.

Christopher Green
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I will weed out the troublemakers and members are free to PM me if others are junking up the forums with sarcastic remarks or death threads. Make a thread like this and you will be banned.
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