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Default Re: Why so much hostility?

I will weed out the troublemakers and members are free to PM me if others are junking up the forums with sarcastic remarks or death threads. Make a thread like this and you will be banned.
Okay, I never really frequent this section much, but this did catch my eye.

I am not aiming to get banned- but MikeC put the ? in my mind:

I do rib on Gib periodically in the Open Forums, but I mean no offense by it. I make sure that I do not attack anybody else. I joke with them, and they seem to realise that I'm joking, so I assume that is cool.

MikeC: If you command that I cool off with the joking then I will comply. I just want to be certain not to cross the line.

Heck, if you tell me to stop spamming in "The Last Person to Post in this Thread", I'll comply.

Just let me know, I really am not here to cause problems of any sort. Which is a big reason why I avoid the political forums for the most part.
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