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Default 1.0-8776 causing system lock

Ok, my problem seems to stem from using dual X sessions using the VGA and DVI out on my Geforce 7300LE (128MB onboard, support for 256MBs) some where my system said it was using 512MBs but i don't recall where it was.

When i have DVI hooked up, my system with randomly hard lock requiring hard reboot, the locks are random some times it can go a couple days, sometimes it can go 2 minutes.

I did a vigirous stress test on my system, using glxgears running on both screens, and enlarged them both to about half screen size (1280x1024 VGA, 1280x720 DVI/DFP), and it ran for a full 1 minute and 46 seconds on the DVI and 1 minute 29 seconds on the VGA befor full system lock.

I have noticed that it will run for roughly 2 hours while playing a video using XV and it tends to run less using XVMC though i haven't been able to determine just how much less.

I'm running Ubuntu with a custom compiled SMP kernel from the lastest Ubuntu kernel source.

AMD x64 x2 3800+ 2Ghz, 1GB DDR2 800, nothing is overclocked, all tempatures are well under safe ranges, power is solid.

I've done multiply editing of the xorg.conf to try and see if it was one of the other solutions but i have some up with nothing.
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