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Default Mandrake 9.1 + Flash plug-in

MDK 9.1 comes with KDE 3.1, which has a problem with Netscape plugins. I couldn't get the version of Mozilla that came with MDK 9.1 to work at all, and Galeon was very unstable too.

I NEED the Flash plugin so I tried downloading Mozilla 1.3 and compiling from source. Same problem occurs, it crashes as soon as it loads up, even if I run as root.

I also tried upgrading to KDE 3.1.1 by downloading and compiling arts 1.1.1, kdelibs 3.1.1 and kdebase 3.1.1. The problem is that Konqueror now tells me I have Konq 3.1.1 but only KDE 3.1.0 for some reason. On top of this, the Flash plugin still isn't detected by Konq, and it doesn't seem to have tabbed browsing as promised so I have my doubts if it really has upgraded at all.

What's the correct procedure for upgrading KDE? When I uninstalled the MDK KDE packages it just removed all references of KDE from the Display Managers/ log-in boxes, and Mandrake doesn't use the .xsession files that KDE talks of in it's install docs.

Maybe KDE 3.1.1 .RPMs will sort me out? If anyone had this same problem and then sorted it out by downloading some RPMS could you please give me a link to the same fileset. I'd rather use this source code that I've compiled though!


dan - This is the page I want to view under Konqueror!

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