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Originally posted by Andy Mecham
We're aware of this, and hope to have a solution soon.

i'm in the same boat as the others here. My old motherboard is not going to recognize any of the new K7's i think, plus it's the slow version of the KT266 chipset. If the AGP, the APIC and the hardware monitoring works, it'd be a completely worthwhile drop-in upgrade for me, and i suspect also for lots of other linux folks.

If the AGPGART works then for one video would work, as in playing DVD's, and that might be more important for people than games. Does the MTRR work?

i use gimp to work on big image files sized around 37meg (highest rez i can get out of a 35mm slide) and the memory bandwidth of the nforce2 chipset would make the manipulations go fast.

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